Don’t forget to moisturise your body

Advices on wellfare

Make the most of the Oasis moisturising range

» Apply the moisturiser immediately after showering. If your skin is still damp, so much the better, as it will absorb nutrients more effectively.

» Start with your feet, using up-down movements. Move up to your knees and when you reach your thighs, massage using circular movements towards your groin. Continue the circular clockwise movements on your belly and repeat this on your breasts. Move on to your shoulders and neck and, finally, apply the moisturiser up your arms from your hands towards your armpits.

» Elbows, knees and heel always deserve special attention, because the skin in these areas is thicker and dries out more easily.

» Getting dressed immediately is not a good idea, as you may stain your clothes and your skin will not fully benefit from the effects of the moisturiser. The ideal is to wait a few minutes.

» Well moisturised skin is healthier and therefore less liable to blemishes, stretch marks or rashes.